For most of us, we instinctively we have a pretty good idea of what we should be eating and doing. Or do we?

Yes, there is normally room to improve how we exercise. The structure and intensity of a workout. How exercises should be performed. Should a workout be adapted or scaled to suit an individual's ability or biomechanics. How do we constantly vary our workouts so the body never gets used to the same stimulus and stop responding. Remember we should always be rewarded by our efforts. Stagnation and plateaus are just a lack of a new or relevant training stimulus.

Diet, the new religion in my book. I don't speak about this unless I'm being paid! Everyone has an opinion, but there is far too much 'fake news' outside of primary research papers. And even then you have to work hard to find the truth, getting to a certain level of knowledge to even be able to interpret the information. 

So I'd probably say it's no wonder most people are confused.

This is not even to go into the arguments of how much plastic is seeping into our diet via contaminated water, sea life and food packaging. How many drugs and chemicals we absorb through mass produced animal farming and pesticides from non organic agriculture. What are we doing to ourselves!!

So, there is actually quite a lot to consider on what appears to be the easy to achieve 'healthy lifestyle'. So I stay informed to help myself and my clients. This is one major advantage in being a full time student studying these subjects, I have to trawl through PubMed and read the latest research so you don't.