The term Personal Training does not necessarily do justice to what a good personal trainer can bring to the table, for this reason I prefer to be called a coach.

At times I maybe coaching my clients on the most appropriate biomechanical position that suits their anatomical set up in a squat or deadlift. Other times I maybe coaching my clients how to manage stress and the impact of failing to do so will have on their biochemistry, and how this significantly contributes towards disease.

I coach my clients how to become self sufficient and empower them to not need me. Sounds a crazy business model I know. However, learning how to create structured effective workouts that encourage intensity and deliver a training stimulus is just another step in taking control of your health and wellbeing.

Most importantly, I coach the concept that you can't buy health, you must earn it. You can't pay someone to get out of breath for you and you can't pay someone to perform fifty squats that will stop muscles wasting. Unfortunately it dosent work this way, you have to put the effort in yourself, in a safe effective way, to receive the health benefits exercise can deliver.

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