My name is Stuart Best and I have worked in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 20 years.

I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 1996 and since then have worked in a variety of roles including Personal Trainer, Master Trainer, General Manager and Health Club owner. I have an extensive list of professional qualifications that allow me to work as the following...

    • CrossFit Coach
    • Personal Trainer
    • Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • MovNat Instructor
    • Fascial Stretch Therapist
    • Massage Therapist
    • Function Movement Screen Assessor
    • Qualified Tutor & Assessor
  • My own training is currently geared towards competing as a Master CrossFit Athlete. Currently I'm training towards the 2020 season, with the intention of competing when I graduate from university in July 2020.

    My personal exercise history goes back over 30 years when I first started training to lose weight and improve my sports performance. At the time I played Rugby for my school and Wasps.

    In addition to working as a Personal Trainer I'm also a full time student. I'm currently in the third year of a four year degree studying a Masters in Osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Subjects studied in the masters include human anatomy & dissection, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, clinical dietetics, biomechanics, pathology, pharmacology, pediatrics, psychology, massage and osteopathic techniques.

    If you would like to employ my services, first please view my prices. If you wish to proceed I can be contacted by emailing

    Professional Fitness Education
    K-Tape (March 2019)
    Massage - BCOM (2017)
    L1 CrossFit Coach (2014)
    L1 Anatomy in Motion - Foot Biomechanics (2013)
    L2 MovNat Certified Instructor (2013)
    L1 MovNat Certified Instructor (2013)
    L2 Functional Movement Screen (FMS) (2012)
    L1 Functional Movement Screen (FMS) (2012)
    Stretch to Win Institute - L1 Fascial Stretch Therapy (2012)
    First Aid (2011)
    Weight Management Centre Qualification: L4 Obesity & Diabetes Management (2011)
    Active IQ Qualification: L4 Low Back Pain Management (2011)
    CYQ Qualification: L2 Health Related Exercise for Children (2011)
    Weight Management Centre Course: Safe Exercise for Overweight & Obese Children (2011)
    UKSCA – Olympic Weight Lifting Course L2 (2010)
    UKSCA – Planning Effective Programmes Course L2 (2010)
    UKSCA – Plyometric, Speed and Agility Course L2 (2010)
    UKSCA - Foundation Workshop and Certification Course L1 (2010)
    Weight Management Centre Course: L3 Sports Nutrition (2010)
    Weight Management Centre Course: L3 Childhood Obesity (2009)
    L3 PTLLS - Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (2009)
    Chek Institute Course: Advanced Stability Ball for Rehabilitation (2008)
    Chek Institute Course: Advanced Medicine Ball Training (2008)
    Twist Conditioning Course: Balance Training (2008)
    CYQ Qualification: L3 Assessing in the Active Leisure Sector (2008)
    ATP Postural Correction Course – REP's Accredited Course Author (2008)
    ATP Self Myofascial Release Workshop – REP's Accredited Workshop Author (2008)
    ATP Foam Roll Workshop – REP's Accredited Workshop Author (2008)
    National Academy of Sports Medicine Qualification: L3 Re-certification Personal Trainer (2008)
    National Academy of Sports Medicine Course: OPT for Pre Natal Client (2008)
    National Academy of Sports Medicine Course: Integrated Kinetic Chain Assessment (2008)
    British Red Cross: 4 Day First Aid at Work (2007)
    Technogym Radiant Master Trainer Course (2006)
    Power Plate Instructor Training Course (2006)
    Boxercise Instructor Qualification(2006)
    Reebok Deck Training Course (2005)
    Life Fitness Group Training Course – Treadmill & Crosstraining (2005)
    National Academy of Sports Medicine Qualification: L3 Personal Trainer (2004)
    National Academy of Sports Medicine Qualification: Integrated Flexibility Specialist (2004)
    Chek Institute Course: Scientific Core Training (2002)
    Chek Institute Course: Scientific Back Training (2002)
    Chek Institute Course: Program Design (2002)
    Chek Institute Course: Swiss Ball Training (2002)
    British Amateur Weight Lifting Association Qualification: Leader Certificate (1999)
    Pulse Fitness Energy Cycle Instructor Course (1998)
    National Coaching Foundation Workshop: Motivation and Sports Performance (1997)
    National Coaching Foundation Workshop: Prevention and Treatment of Injury (1997)
    National Coaching Foundation Workshop: Developing Endurance (1997)
    National Coaching Foundation Workshop: Developing Speed and Strength (1997)
    National Coaching Foundation Workshop: Understanding and Improving Skill (1997)
    National Coaching Foundation Workshop: Nutrition and Sports Performance (1997)
    National Coaching Foundation Workshop: Mental Preparation for Performance (1997)
    CYQ Qualification: L3 Nutrition and Weight Management (1996)
    CYQ Qualification: L3 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counselling (1996)
    CYQ Qualification: L3 Exercise for the Older Person (1996)
    YMCA Workshop: HIV and Exercise (1996)
    YMCA Workshop: Scientific Bodybuilding (1996)
    CYQ Qualification: L2 Fitness Training (1995)